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Why we start build this website

January 03, 2020 3 min read

Our story
Hello everyone, my name is Eric, I am the founder of this website. I am very happy to share our story here.
My wife and I have two lovely daughters. The big sister is Angelina. She's 4 years old. The little one is Belle and she's one and a half years old. Since the birth of our first daughter, we have spent a lot of energy and money to raise them to grow up, we know that every parent wants to give their children the best, we don't want to see the disappointing eyes when children don't get what they want, You can imagine, we've bought a lot of things for our two daughters. like this, this and this, Now they've more than 10 Baby carriages, bicycles.

As we all know, China is the world factory. More than 90% of children's clothes, toys and learning materials are produced in China around the world. Many stuffs are cheap and high quality, so we really want to share these with you, let you save money and let your children get much more happiness. So one day, my wife and I were thinking, why don’t we build a website so that other parents around the world can enjoy good and cheap things from China. Can you imagine the happy face when your children get their beloved gifts from your hand. You can satisfy your child's wishes without spending a lot of money. That's really awesome. so we build this website, let's have a quick profile to look what you can get from our website.

In the past 5 years, my wife has taken a full-time home with our 2 daughters. At the same time, she also sells some things about children on the Internet, such as clothes, shoes, toys, etc. It doesn't matter how much money she eared(actually she didn't earn). What is important is that she wants to share the good things with others, she made many friends in this way, Even though she didn't make money, she feels happy. With 5 years of experience, she knows where to purchase cheap and high quality goods, she knows which logistics is fast and safe, she knows how to communicate with customers, the most important point that is, she knows that every child is a little angel of mom and dad. The quality of the product must be guaranteed. Doing things with heart can make everyone feel happy.

There are many online shopping websites, such as wish, eBay, etc., and sometimes the prices are very low, but you know, it's hard to identify whether the quality is really good. We know that the quality of some products is really bad. But we guarantee that we would try all the things we sell in our store on our own children, so the quality will be good and the material is safe.

Our guarantee
All goods Free shipping worldwide and the price is affordable for everyone, so that all parents can make their children happy. 30 days free return, we will also launch promotions from time to time, so you can provide the best stuffs by using the least amount of money for your children.

Wait, wait, we offer a random mysterious present for every order.

our aim
Let the children all over the world get what they love and let them have a happy childhood.

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