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8 Pieces Baby Graphic Reusable Cloth Pocket Diapers + 8 Pack Microfiber Inserts

  • HEALTHY & ECO-FRIENDLY MATERIAL. The Diaper Pocket is made of high-quality material in 3 Layer. Outer: 100% Polyester (Waterproof TPU); Inner: Super soft and elastic polar fleece. Healthy and Eco-friendly material, Yeah for saving on the cost of disposable diapers and decreasing waste in our planet's landfills.
  • Elastics around the waist and legs prevent sagging around the belly and leaks around the legs. And come with a Big Elephant good absorption insert, premium microfiber pad can absorb pee and avoid leaking.
  • PERFECT ADJUSTABLE FIT. Smart snaps on the pocket make it one size for all. You can adjust the size easily S, M, and L size of the diaper. This way you save money by using the same set of diapers from when your baby is a few days old until he is ready to be potty trained.
  • EASY TO WASH AND DRY. Our diapers all use inserts that can be separated when you wash them. This means they rinse out cleaner and dry faster.