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Premium Stroller Cover Universal Size Waterproof Protects Against Wind Rain Snow Insects

  • PREMIUM QUALITY: High quality materials provide great clarity and gloss, toughness and resistance to tearing. Large Velcro straps on the front, sides and rear of the cover provide a superior way to secure the cover to your stroller. Made with 100% EVA which is a non-toxic and eco-friendly material that does not produce a strong odor. No PVC material.
  • SUPERIOR PROTECTION: The front of the cover extends farther down than any other product on the market so your child’s FEET AND LEGS ARE FULLY PROTECTED. Provides superior protection against wind, rain, snow, insects, and harmful UV light rays. Great for cold climates were a durable cover is needed to protect your child against cold wind and snow. This product virtually covers the entire stroller for maximum protection.
  • FEATURES: Easy in/out with dual zipper entry point. The cover doesn’t have to be removed to get your child in/out of the stroller. Includes front, side, and rear Velcro straps to better secure the cover and prevent the wind from blowing the cover off the stroller. Ventilation holes are incorporated on each side of the cover. Universal fit means it can be used on most standard small, medium, and full-size strollers. This is a very low maintenance product.